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Motto Child Organization

Rescue Children from Child Labor and street Begging

Vanakam/ Namaste/ Welcome

You definitely have seen young children left working and begging on the streets. This is not what a Child is born for. //No Child left behind// as Obama says. They all need a safe home with lot of care in a healthy environment.

I am Venkat. I saw so many abandoned distress kids on the street side. My heart cried for them and I immediatly knew My service to Humanity. Since 2008. I have successfully been running this organization in Thiruvallur District. Ponneri Taluk. My son Mr. Lingesh kumar is also playing a main role to run Motto Child Organisation.

Objective :

Our main objective is to free children from working on the streets and begging on the street side.We provide Accomodation Food Education and showing them a Bright Future.

Our children should see New World just like other children and show them the path to success. Give us your helping hand and GOD will bless YOU for your noble cause. Please spread the word to your family and friends. to your collegues far and wide.

I started this organization with my personal finances. I am running short of budget and need help to keep this organization alive. We accept funding from individuals/groups/organizations within India as well as from any part of the world. Please extend your help in any/all means. Cash/kind is accepted.

Cheques/D.D are accepted. make it to...//Motto Childrens New way//

Thank you and God Bless You


Lingesh Kumar....General Secretary.